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Elevate your car care routine with our premium products. Keep your ride looking its best, inside and out, with our range of superior products.


Step into the future of car care with our advanced vacuum systems, featuring an innovative power-saving tool known as a transducer. This state-of-the-art equipment optimizes suction power for an unparalleled car cleaning experience, and it is free with a wash.

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Hand-Applied Tire Shine

Revive the shine of your wheel with our hand-applied tire shine for an extra shine that no machine can match. Included in our Manager Special wash package or available to add to any other wash package for only $5.

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Unleash a new era in car care with our Graphene-Infused Ceramic, a premium product available only with our Manager Special package. Unlike traditional wax, it bonds to your paint, creating a formidable barrier against UV rays and rain damage. Plus, it actively guards against light scratches from daily wear. Elevate your car's protection and shine with our cutting-edge technology in a single application.

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Enhance the longevity of your car's finish and maintain that showroom shine with our Clear Coat & UV Protection, an invisible shield safeguarding your vehicle's paint from harsh elements.

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Upgrade your car wash experience and add a layer of excellence with our Ceramic Water Repellant. Our Ceramic Water Repellant provides a durable shield against water. Maintain your car's shine longer through rainy weather with this long-lasting protection that guards against water spots!

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